Bill Snow Artist

Oil Painter

About Bill Snow

Oil Painter

Bill Snow is a realist painter focusing on landscapes and cityscapes.  His work explores the role of light in the perception of depth and atmosphere.  His images come from travel as well as the local area. His objective is to create a pattern of light and shade, which conveys depth and captures the essence of a time of day.  He works primarily in watercolor and oil.  Recently he has developed an interest in the application of old master oil painting techniques, building up several layers of glazes over a monochromatic under-painting. 

Color & Light

Bill’s love of color and light, as well as his interest in architectural subjects, developed in childhood growing up in Mexico and studying under Jaime Oates, a Spanish watercolorist.  He has since studied art at the George Washington University and the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC as well as at the Maryland Institute and College of Art in Baltimore.